Warm Corner Rest Stops

We opened a “Warm Corner” in the Jewish community of Nokdim, a short drive from Jerusalem. “Warm Corner” is the Israeli colloquial term for a small rest station set aside at the entrance of a community within range of Israeli military patrols, which is stocked with food and drinks for the benefit of combat soldiers in the area. Every patrol may be active for eight hours, twelve hours, or even longer, but they are required to take a break every so often. When they do so, it is highly preferable that they stop in a rest station such as ours, as opposed to taking a break out in open, exposed area or at an overpriced gas station convenience store!

The Nokdim Warm Corner has been an amazing success, with dozens of soldiers stopping by to enjoy its hospitality every day! We have already begun building another one, as we hope to replicate this success in many more communities throughout Israel.


Former Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (pictured) was the guest of honor at the grand opening of our Warm Corner rest station.

He also attended the festive lighting of Hanukkah candles at the Warm Corner!

The Defense Minister praised the Warm Corner, saying, “I can testify that there are many soldiers who use the Warm Corner and enjoy every moment here!”

We are honored to have the Defense Minister’s support in this venture.

Why a Warm Corner?

  • The main goal is, of course, to show support for the brave men and women defending vulnerable communities in far flung areas of Israel. Residents of such communities have always opened their homes and hearts to these soldiers on an individual basis, but an organized Warm Corner greatly amplifies their desire to express their love for the young men and women defending them.
  • However, there are two security-based reasons behind the Warm Corner concept as well. The first is that, due to budget cuts, army bases in many areas of Israel have been closed down and the patrol routes of various units have been stretched thin. A community with a Warm Corner in place will draw soldiers to the area, giving residents a greater feeling of security.
  • Additionally, soldiers provided with the food and beverages (especially coffee!) that a Warm Corner has to offer them (all free of charge, of course) will return to their patrol routes rested and refreshed. Whether its soup and a hot drink in the cold, rainy winter, or soda and ice cream in the scorching heat of the summer, soldiers in the area know that they can always stop by for a well-deserved break!


During an eight hour patrol, whether during the day in the hot sun or at night when we are often tired, there is nothing like a visit to the Warm Corner to recharge our batteries!

Nechemia, soldier in the Kfir Brigade

As important to us as the food and coffee is knowing that the people we protect recognize our efforts and appreciate us!

Ido, infantry soldier in the Nokdim area