Sports for Soldiers

Israeli soldiers work hard, some of them putting their lives on the line on a nightly basis. Even those who do not endure other forms of physical and psychological stress, as they represent Israel in the ongoing war on terrorism. They suffer long shifts, injured friends and family members, and weeks on base while longing for home.

In the rare moments when they are allowed a break, we want to help ensure that Israel’s soldiers can relax and enjoy themselves while feeling the support and appreciation of those they protect. To that end, we regularly host dozens of soldiers at professional basketball games in Jerusalem. Entire platoons receive tickets to games against other Israeli and international teams. Many soldiers come from disadvantaged backgrounds and cannot otherwise afford “luxuries” such as this. For them, the games represent some of the happiest memories of their army service!

We periodically rent out one of the stadium’s VIP boxes where soldiers are treated to dinner and beverages in addition to a spectacular view of the game, in the comfort they deserve. For the attending soldiers, these nights out give them a way to unwind after a long week of defending Israel, and we have received countless words of appreciation and thanks from them. We have made it a point to extend additional invitations to Jerusalem’s Border Patrol soldiers – they, more than anyone, truly must contend with the stress and dangers of terrorism on a daily basis!

Special nights are dedicated to hosting those soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty. The VIP box is accessible to those who have been severely injured or disabled, and it is the very least we can do for these heroic young men and women who were forced to pay a heavy price for serving the State of Israel.

We also host lone soldiers (those whose families do not live in Israel, or who otherwise receive little financial help from them) at certain games. It is great to see volunteers from all over the world come together from their various units and bases throughout Israel to enjoy watching a game of basketball together!

The concept of this project is simple, but it is a great way of showing a large number of soldiers that their service is appreciated and that we support them!

After nights of training and operations, it was great to finally have an evening where my friends and I could relax and enjoy!

Kfir, infantry soldier

I think that this is a great program. It warms our hearts that you care and sponsor these nights for us.

Adam, squad commander