Lone Soldiers

There are approximately 7,000 soldiers classified as Lone Soldiers in the IDF from different backgrounds, from all over the world. They may be volunteers with no intention of remaining in Israel after their release from the army, or they may be new immigrants fulfilling their obligation to the country by serving in its defense. Some lone soldiers have extended family in Israel, while others have no one, other than those friends they make in the army. There are also Israeli soldiers with a designation similar to lone soldier– those with no connection to their families, such as Christian and Muslim Arabs who decide to enlist against the wishes of their communities and end up cut off from their parents as a result.

We aim to help these young men and women who often have nowhere else to turn. While serving in the army, we believe that they should not have to worry about making ends meet and finding a place in Israel to stay on their time off.

Specifically in terms of the new immigrants, the Helping Israel Fund serves as an invaluable conduit between families abroad and their beloved lone soldiers. We provide a personal and genuine connection that parents have come to count on. We also serve as a hotline to the lone soldiers themselves, assisting in countless ways. Whether it is about their rights, frustrations, or complicated issues, we are their “go to” phone call.

  • We provide holiday meals for hundreds of lone soldiers.
  • We help immigrant lone soldiers learn Hebrew and adapt to their new surroundings.
  • We provide emotional and financial help to lone soldiers, when needed.
  • We help lone soldiers deal with complicated government and military bureaucracy.
  • We help lone soldiers find a place to live while serving in the army.
  • We give lone soldiers a social framework for their new lives in Israel.

There are many organizations that assist soldiers, but none that know soldiers names, where they are, what they do, and most importantly, what their needs are.  

Arlene, parent of a lone soldier

I just want to thank you and your whole organization for all the wonderful things that you do. That conversation on a lonely night meant a lot to Alex. Knowing that there are people out there who care as much as you do is a really big thing to him and all the other soldiers, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you do as a father.

Gary, parent of a lone soldier