Israel is on the front lines of the free world’s war against its many enemies. Whether in times of conflict, large military operations, or terrorism, there are sadly many Israeli civilians and soldiers who become casualties of this ongoing war. Victims include those of any ethnicity, gender, and religion. Injuries can also result from car accidents, natural disasters, and other dangers.

Volunteer medics are the first to respond in such cases, each one treating an average of 550 injuries a year, with a quarter of them being life-threatening. Time is always of the essence, and Israeli medical professionals are always looking for ways to get to the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible.

We equip and provide “ambucycles,” motorcycles used as ambulances for maximum mobility and response time, which are employed by Israeli medics. They can respond in record time to attacks on military personnel and Israel’s citizens, and their attached first-aid compartments contain everything needed to treat injuries.

The medic can be out to lunch or running errands, but the moment he or she is called to an emergency, the ambucycle is the quickest and most efficient way to get to the scene. Traffic and narrow streets are not obstacles for ambucycles, making them the fastest vehicles to arrive when terror strikes. Traffic jams can create long delays for ambulances, but barely affect medics on ambucycles.

There are medics equipped with ambucycles throughout the country, and we aim to provide as many of them as are needed. The average response time for a medic with an ambucycle is only three minutes, which drops to a minute and a half in densely populated city centers – but the more ambucycles we provide, the shorter these response times will become!